About Us


Our local libraries are a beloved treasure and resource in our small vibrant community. This intergenerational meeting place is host to learning, sharing and preserving our history. The Marin library system provides our community with a broad offering of books, film, music and other media as well as access to computers, the internet, ebooks and streaming services.

The Friends of the Bolinas Stinson Beach Libraries provide 16 additional hours of library staffing thanks to donors. Thus, the libraries are open at times that they were formally closed. Additionally, we fund a wide range of programming including readings, theater productions, screenings, artist talks, summer camps, reading groups and more. 

Our funds also provide additional titles and periodicals to the collections at both branches as well as educational tools, equipment and supplies for workshops.  

The Friends provide an annual gift to the Bolinas Stinson school for the acquisition of special titles and educational materials.


Our Board


The board of the Friends meets quarterly at one of our 3 libraries and includes:

Anna Gade - President
Judy Stemen - Secretary
Nicole Amanson
Heather Clapp
Audrey Goodman
Sandra Guidi
Kathlyn Capdeville

John Hutchinson - Vice President
Suzanne Ritchie - Treasurer
Belinda Zell
Kristie Tilliapaugh
Karen Willig
Louisa ‘Wiki’ Newcomb
Nancy Zacher